Coronavirus: The Danger

by Peter Wurm:

As history shows, humans are the most dangerous animals on this planet. We are for others, but also for ourselves.

If you are searching for the reason, you only need to read an Austrian newspaper every now and then. There it becomes obvious what makes us so dangerous to the public: it’s our ruthless stupidity.

For example, the editor of the Austrian political magazine “profil” wrote these days:

“Austria is in the recovery room of the crisis. The curves no longer curve, they go down steeply. At the end of last week, 2500 people were still suffering from Covid-19. This corresponds to less than 0.3 per mille of the population, less than one out of 3000 citizens, calibrated from the recent unreported figure, we come to one of 1300. What went up exponentially now falls down like a stone. The worst crisis since 1945 has to be measured with a medical fine balance. What seems like a contradiction is none. Corona is a paradox. The assumptions and the results cannot be reconciled.”

Anyone who knows Austria will not be surprised by such simple observation skills. Let’s try to understand this Austrian “recovery room of the crisis”:

When the German virologist Christian Drosten was asked last week on Austrian public television how the measures of the government against COVID-19 should be judged “in retrospect”, he said the following: “I think we don’t have to look back now, since we are in the middle of a development, if not at the beginning of a development. “

Although, the editor of this Austrian magazine imagines himself to be “in the recovery room” and considers Corona a “paradox”. So, let’s try a comparison with the AIDS virus HIV for the Austrian simple minds:

The AIDS virus HIV is transmitted through body fluids (blood, sperm and vaginal secretion). Therefore, if there is no transmission of these body fluids, there is no infection.

The COVID-19 Virus SARS-CoV-2 is transmitted via BREATHING AIR. Therefore, if there is no transmission of this breathing air, there is no infection.

You can therefore prevent the spread of AIDS by not having unprotected sexual intercourse.

And you can therefore prevent the spread of COVID-19 by not having unprotected respiratory transmission.

For the purpose of preventing AIDS, you can avoid intimate physical contact or use condoms.

For the purpose of preventing COVID-19 you can avoid personal physical contact or use masks.

If these measures against AIDS or COVID-19 significantly reduce the number of infections, it does NOT mean that these measures were wrong. But on the contrary.

The fact that COVID-19 is transmitted by air also makes the infection much easier than with AIDS, up to a pandemic level. We have known since the beginning that in an epidemic a virus continues to multiply until it affects up to 70 percent of a population. In a pandemic, it does this all over the world.

In Austria an estimated 1 percent of the population is currently infected with the SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus. To date, 569 people have officially died. The remaining 69 percent are still waiting.

Welcome to the “recovery room”!

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