The Sky above Mauthausen

by Peter Wurm:

Complete darkness. Suddenly the light comes on. You can see a room, about 4 by 3.5 meters wide, 3 meters high, without windows, partially tiled in white. Several iron pipes on the walls, some shower heads on the ceiling. At the back of the right wall and on the right of the back wall there are 2 heavy iron doors with a peephole in their center. Both doors are locked.

In the room there are 2 people, both male. The older person is in his mid-50s, the younger person is just over 30 years old. Both are shaved and wear striped dark clothes. The older one wears a “Red Angle”, the younger one a “Jewish Star”. “A” is sitting at the left , “J” is leaning against the right wall.


Download PDF:

For my Grandfathers

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