I am the gentian

by Janus Zeitstein:

The country moves over the mountains
Clouds move into the valley.
Forgotten the feasts
We are waiting for the sun.

Children’s laughter across the meadows
Birds far behind me
Who drives the tractor
Fertilizes the fields?

A touch of warmth
The breath hugs
The chest!
Sing spring, sing!

Through my body
Bright shower
As if it were joy
About What do I know.

I am the gentian
Whose blue hue
Not only
But gently feel inebriated by.

How we were strong
Brothers once,
When fire
Lived inside us,
Can you ever
Wear out life?

The arm around a shoulder
A smile on your lips
Mad of joy.

Those days were still beautiful
We lived like trees
We flourished, we were –ere,
But then remained -one dreams
-in vain.

The clouds are waiting wisely
Sun shines pensively,
Cold clings clammily
The grief
It made me crazy again.

A bullfight with fruits:
Step forward Fruit one to five!
Fruit one: you have
Your fruit ID with you?
Fruit two?
– And you? Fruit three, four
And five, how is it
With you? Show
Me all yours
Fruit ID cards!

My dear fruits!
Considering the
Surrounding circumstances,
Which we post wordwisely
around us
I ask
With full intention
Whether you will let it
be that
Without lenghty questions
To you
WIll beg you for an answer.

That means, so to speak, that
You now must
Consider you
Considered. You must
To remove your cowls and
Put on this costume

The fruits put down their peels,
Put on the costume.
The costume consists of
Clubs, wood and papier maché,
Minor clubson arms and legs,
Larger ones on the back and on the chest.

Now it’s up to you
Dear fruit,
Get out of the situation
To free yourselves;
By giving away your costume
You could – handing a thrashing, as it were –
Get rid of your heavy burden
And cleanse yourselves
Of the worries,
Which such a walk
Ocross the meadows
Can signify.

If you are crops from the field
So let it be said for all future:
Turn your flip sides to me
I don’t want a wrong image
In front of my eyes
Faces are deceving.

We have to
Fight back these dogs
Who from all sides
Are meaningfully baffling at us.

We will teach them
What it means
To tear
Us from our meditations
And to rob lonely, peaceful people
Of their inner calm!

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