Charlatanic Farces

by Janus Zeitstein

Death connects forever!
Submission to him
Gets the best out of people;
Following this advice
The High Strategists
Put the Reaper on stage
And in front of the audience.

Hijab and Abaya
Just covered hair, ears, neck and body
Even transparent veils in front of the face
Couldn’t ban bad germs.

But there was Niqab, the mask for everyone
Against sun, sand, and insects
Protection over the neck, nose and mouth!
And was destined by the High Council
As protection
For everything male and female.

The noble, considerate would
Obviously obey the mask
Bring offerings like to an idol
Whose praise would bring good health
And at whose intercession they could hope.

And those who didn’t believe
Would never be forgiven.

Pain and disappointment
Will this global protection prevent
And even if the present meant
Grief and toil
So the beautiful past would have shown
In what a peaceful, happy future
The procedure might lead.

No exposure to pathogens
Steel the aura of the people
to an impenetrable shell.

Towards a future
Where our houses
Are no longer exclusively
Personal spaces
But protected
By digital mascots.

No more cash will be needed
Data centers become schools
And will replace prisons
The mask will become our
High speed protection.

May everyone lower their eyes
Protect their mouth and nose
And not shake hands with anyone
Except with their spouses
Or roommates.

Keep society closed!

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