A show-off to the power of…

by Janus Zeitstein:

He proudly wears the jaggedest
Of all crowns
To assist
His prepotency.

His thinking so presumptuous
As if he were the pearl
That – eaten by pigs-
Now real guys
After enough latency
Clone into the antlers
Of his high potency.

With the reason of a rooster
On a pile of crap
The spurs paw at his instep
He inflates and climbs onto the pedestal.

He vainly parts a Führer’s crest
Insists on the core of his competence
And warns of the bigwigs and bosses
Full of sheer self-interest
Who in times of need
Their comrades
Do forget.

As a true narcissus
The world is a mirror to him
Where the straighness of its existence
Without any compromise
Will fit like a brick
for building a tower.

In his big minded
program for the future
One detects the smallest minded reason
Behind apparent incompetence.

Winds full of self pour out of a smiling mouth
In its spread
He thinks he is
A favorite of fate
Who humanity
Now has chosen
As your long-awaited majesty

He wants to build on this foundation
Because the masses trust him
For he will
to the advantage for even the smallest
Even against the most powerful
Go through fire.

Put the country on a new footing
Turn into cash water and the media
With the pleasing consequence
That this will gal
The megalomania
Of these turquoise fellows

As safe as amen in prayer
He’ll crash into that swampy pit
Of corruptible journalists
Like a comet.

Every media mogul is already trembling
Like the leaves of the aspens
Before his return
From the ashes
As the best ace for this people.

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